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 Student Council Retreat

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Mook Ratanapenchart

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PostSubject: Student Council Retreat    Sat Aug 20, 2011 2:18 pm

Basic timeline of events:
September10- Finish basketball court- Wesley
September 16- DOTA tournament- Paul
September 17- Babysitting (StuCo service)

October 7- Slumber party- Bora
October 14- 3 on 3 sport day- Luke and Paul

November 12- Hiking- Wesley
November 23- Washing satpam/ teacher's cars- Mook

January 20- Dive-in- Min Young and Luke

February 18- Kampung visit- So Yeon and Bianca

March 9- Punclut night- Jonathan

April 14- Talent show

Some other little events that people volunteered to be in charge of are:
See you at the pole- Luke
Picnic day- Mook
NICS Leadership (possibly)- Bora
Music during lunch/afterschool- Eddie
Gardening- So Yeon
Birthdays- Jonathan
KB step sign- Min Young
Make school colorful- Bianca

We will also be meeting every Monday and alternating Thursday during secondary lunch.
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Jennie Blair

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PostSubject: Re: Student Council Retreat    Sat Aug 20, 2011 7:20 pm

Thanks Mook. This is great.
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Student Council Retreat
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